Reporting Abuse

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Wyoming State Law is clear, if you suspect, REPORT!

All citizens have a responsibility to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Wyoming state law (SS 14-3-205 & 35-20-103) mandates that any person who suspects child abuse or neglect is required to report regardless of their profession.

**Mandated – Any person who knows or has reasonable cause to believe or suspect that a child has been abused or neglected or who observes any child being subjected to conditions or circumstances that would reasonably result in abuse or neglect, shall immediately report it to the child protective agency or local law enforcement agency or cause a report to be made. (14-3-205(a))**

How do I make a report of child abuse/neglect?

Typically, call the local county office of the Department of Family Services to report your suspicion of child abuse as soon as possible. If after normal business hours, call local law enforcement. (Click HERE for your local DFS office contact information)

  • Be prepared to provide specific information. You may remain anonymous, but it is helpful to the determination process and possible investigation for the agency to have your name and contact information.
  • Be prepared to provide the following information:
    • Name, age, sex, race and address of the child
    • Specific information on the abuse suspected
    • Names, addresses, race of the parents, live-ins or caregivers
    • If you know or suspect that there is alcohol or drug abuse present in the family
    • If you know or suspect that domestic violence exists in the family


The HIPAA privacy rule allows covered entities to disclose protected health information to law enforcement officials where child abuse and neglect victims are concerned through provisions stating:
“Child abuse or neglect may be reported to any law enforcement official authorized by law to receive such reports and the agreement of the individual is not required (45 CFR 164.512(b)(1)(ii)).”