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Fundraising Opportunities:

Dress Down/Dress Blue for Child Abuse Prevention!

Give your organization’s employees the opportunity to dress casual or dress blue one day during the week for a donation of $5 (or whatever amount you would like) to Prevent Child Abuse Wyoming. This allows your whole staff to actively participate in your organization’s prevention efforts! We also have pinwheel lapel pins available that you can sell to your employees for $5 (or greater amount) to raise funds. These pins are available upon request!

Barbecue Night/Wine Party for Prevention!

Hold a dinner party of some variety with your friends and colleagues! You can have any number of themes such as a ‘wine party’ where every person who attends brings a bottle of wine to share and a bottle to trade. Those invited understand that this party is to help raise donations for Prevent Child Abuse Wyoming, whether that be material goods or monetary donations. Not only are you raising money for child abuse and neglect prevention efforts, but you get to spend time with friends and have a ball!


Change for Change!

There is constantly loose change in our cars, pockets, purses, and occasionally under the couch cushions at home! If you are looking for a way to put that change to good use, PCAWY has large collection tubes available for you to put in your home or place of business. It is amazing how much a little spare change can mean in the world of child abuse and neglect prevention. Your spare change can be the change we want to see in Wyoming!


For more details regarding these fundraisers or more ideas, please contact! Our efforts are only as strong as the community support we have behind it, and we are so very thankful to those who help with that support!