See who has been supporting the work of PCAWY as well as the children and families of Wyoming through the Pinwheel Garden Project!



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Pinwheels for Prevention!

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Pinwheels for Prevention is more than just a symbol.

It is a social movement where Wyomingites and the nation change the way they think about child abuse prevention.

The pinwheels also tie directly in to PCA-Wyoming's message of Awareness, Coordination, and Education. The symbol helps bring awareness to your community about child abuse and neglect, working with other groups in your community on a pinwheel project promotes coordination, and hosting an event where a speaker presents or educational materials are distributed helps educate your community on how abuse and neglect can be prevented and what to do if it occurs.

It is that time of year again! Prevent Child Abuse Wyoming has officially begun its 2016 Statewide Pinwheel Garden Project! This project has continued to grow over the last five years, and this year is no different. In 2016, we are hoping to double the amount of pinwheels that are planted and displayed all over this big state during April - Child Abuse Prevention Month.

We always love to hear and see the unique and new ideas you may have to display, share, or promote the blue and silver pinwheels and child abuse and neglect prevention. If you would like help in customizing a project for your group or community, please feel free to contact us!

There will be a special award given for the largest pinwheel garden sold again this year! We want to make this project as fun as it is important, and also want to recognize the groups, organizations and individuals who continually support this project and other projects of Prevent Child Abuse Wyoming.

To order your pinwheel garden(s), here is the official project information packet:

**OUT OF STATE ORDERS - If you are wanting to order pinwheels and are not in Wyoming, please contact your local PCA Chapter before ordering. Most chapters should have pinwheels available. If you are unable to access them through your state, we are happy to help you out.**

Activities you or your group can participate in...

  1. Plant a pinwheel garden in a highly visible area or outside of your office/building.
  2. Host an event for children and create a pinwheel contest, such as who can create the best pinwheel or utilize the pinwheel coloring sheets for a coloring contest.
  3. Decorate store front windows, schools, or the front of your building.
  4. Make a Child Abuse Prevention Month bulletin board or display utilizing the pinwheels.
  5. Distribute parenting materials to parents and caregivers in our community. This could be at daycares, schools, businesses, or places of worship.
  6. Host an Easter party and incorporate the pinwheels to promote positive interaction with children and prevent abuse and neglect.
  7. Wear the pinwheel pins in your office during the month of April to promote Child Abuse Prevention Month.
  8. Come up with your own great idea and share it with us! You can email them to

For your own pinwheel campaign, here are some examples of how you can message the pinwheels:

  • X number of pinwheels represent the live births that occurred in your community in the last year.
  • X number of pinwheels represents the number of children your group/business served in the last year (or since opening), or how many you hope to serve in the upcoming year.
  • We can prevent child abuse.
  • We will continue the fight against child abuse and neglect...will you?
  • These pinwheels represent the adults who advocated for and gave a voice to children who are victims of child abuse and neglect.
  • In (insert year), there were X number of reported cases of child abuse and neglect in the State of Wyoming.

***For consistency at a national level, please use the blue and silver logo shown above when representing a Prevent Child Abuse Wyoming pinwheel campaign.***