A. C. E.

According to 2008 figures, there were 128,457 children under the age of 18 in Wyoming. Child abuse and child neglect can affect any number of those children based on a myriad of circumstances surrounding families and communities. The good news is that child maltreatment is 100% preventable in part through early prevention awareness, coordination of existing services and education programs. We strive to create solid, effective, early prevention efforts across the state that prevents child maltreatment. Prevent Child Abuse Wyoming has 3 major goals:

Individuals in Wyoming communities will understand through awareness what child maltreatment is, how it affects children and families, how to report it and how community involvement can reduce the incidence of child maltreatment.

Across Wyoming there are some existing prevention services in a geographically large state with a diverse population. Often coordination of those services through a central focal point of sorts is needed to enhance delivery to strengthen families using a community wrap around approach.

Wyoming has a number of existing resources and venues such as public sector agencies (schools, social service offices, mental health and substance abuse programs, public health, victim services, etc.) and private sector organizations (child development centers, faith-based groups, 501 (c)(3)s etc.) that we will seek collaborative opportunities with to help educate others about how we can collectively reduce the incident of child maltreatment through early prevention efforts.